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  • I joined this institute to take training for AWS Sol. Architect. My all over experience is very good. The knowledge given by the sir is very helpful to me & during training they solve thought related the topic. Thank you.

    Amrut Malagi
    Axiom MRC
  • Trainer knowledge is excellent and with this course I got useful knowledge.

    Amol Bargaje
  • (I got) Good knowledge on AWS cloud. Thank you Sir.

    Irfan Shaikh
    Bajaj Allianz
  • Provided in depth knowledge about the topics. Shown most of the topics practically which help in visualizing the topic. Providing training video is a plus.

    Gaurav Deole
    Yardi Software Pvt Ltd
  • Training was excellent with good interaction. Knowledge sharing is good. Recording facility is excellent for revising. Course was practically and informative. Manoj Sir is enthusiastic and really aware of what he is explaining. The course helped to build confidence, Valuable experiences and learning.

    Sachin Nazare
  • Overall a very informative training session. Course content got well covered and also demonstrated the concept very well. Thanks for such an informative and concept-clearing training session.

    Poonam Kotnis
  • AZ-103 was a great experience. looking forward for more cloud exams in coming future.

    Amit Gawali
  • I learn lot of new knowledge not only for Azure but also other from Manoj Sir. Thank for excellent training given by you.

    Sandeep Kapadane
    CBSI India Pvt. Ltd.
  • Overall SCCM training was good. Trainer is knowledgeable and we now have recorded sessions available too. Trainer has provided some good real time examples related to IT environment which helped me too.

    Shreekant Nevgire
    Not to publish (on Student's request)
  • It was a really very good experience. All the details covered by sir is really great. Every smallest information was well explained by sir. I am really thankful to sir.

    Prashant Shirke
  • Very good training. Good knowledge of the subject. Additional tips also given.

    Sudhir Brahmane
  • Excellent knowledge sharing session. Very interesting explanations. Enjoyed the time here.

    Sachin Patil
  • It was a good experience overall. All the concept were cleared and the recording will help in future when we practice it at home.

    Amol Gawali
  • I really like this course, training environment and seating arrangement very good.

    Bahumol Pendpale
  • Sir you have given very good and clear knowledge about concept and we get clear about the course and its contents. Thanks for notes and videos on dropbox.

    Sunny Bhingardive
  • Excellent training experience on online classroom.

    Tanmoy Majumder
    Payoda Technology
  • Manoj sir is a very very good trainer. He is teaching in very simple language to understand very easily. A part from training course, Sir has given some extra knowledge about industries current scinerio, IT related knowledge etc. Each recording is very clear and good for practice purpose. Overall this institute is very nice.

    Dinesh Kolekar
    TATA Technologies
  • Manoj sir, Gives us good knowledge of MCSA-2016 server course. Also given good practical knowledge. Thanks.

    Akshay Saraf
    Not to publish (on Student's request)
  • Manoj sir, Providing excellent knowledge for us with briefly. Thanks. Also I will plan for next courses with your organisation. All facilities are better as well as tea facility also nice.

    Rahul Patil
  • It was great experience to get training from Manoj sir. He elaborate each every topic in very simple manner so that we can understand the concept as I am fresher in technical environment. I was not that much confident but now i have much more knowledge and I am definitely going to recommend this course and training to my friends. Thank you.

    Pooja Jarad
  • Very good AWS training. All concept got cleared. Whole lectured we enjoyed with fun and learning. It any concept not cleared then Manoj sir told same thing till that concept get cleared. I will refer this to my friends.

    Santosh Jadhav
    Fujitsu India
  • It was good experience with trainer and teaching skill good and interact and answering every questions asked by student. Good knowledge and updated with his reliable courses.

    Ganesh Amilkanthwar
    Fujitsu India
  • It was very good training, trainer is having very good knowledge and share it. Good explaining skills as well.

    Pankaj Manmode
    Fujitsu India
  • Trainer knowledge is excellent and very much descriptive and very friendly while explain any concept. Thank you so much sir.

    Sangeeta Patil
    First Insight Software Solution Pvt Ltd
  • Overall experience was good. Thank you sir. Prompt answers to questions really helped. Online video are helpful.

    Namrata Jain
    Xpanxion software Pvt. Ltd.
  • It was very good & interactive session's. Got complete hands on experience & certification guidance.

    Imran Shaikh
  • All Azure sessions was excellent. Concept cleared. You share recording is very nice thing.

    Sharad Darade
  • Overall Azure course was great. Excellent knowledge given by sir. I will suggest this course to my friends also.A very good mixture of theoretical and practical training. Enjoyed the course with friends. Thank you sir.

    Ganesh Pacharne
  • It was an excellent experience to have a training from Certification Guru. Thank you very much. See you soon !!!

    Diptikesh Kotphode
  • It was very good experience. Manoj sir's focus on basics helps me to grasp knowledge very quickly and efficiently. Sir not only focused on theory but gave different practicle example which really helpful. I definitely recommend this training to my colleagues.

    Sachin Jagdale
    Cognizant Technologies
  • MCSA 2016 course training was a very good knowledgeable experience for me. Every important concept has been explained by Manoj Sir very well in easy language.

    Sachin Kasegaonkar
  • Thank you very much Manoj sir for sharing your valuable knowledge during the SCCM training. I can say 'this is one of the best training I have ever attended.'

    Not to publish (on Student's request)
  • The training was awesome. it gave me more information and knowledge about Microsoft Azure.

    Sandeep Singh
    The QED Group India Pvt. Ltd.
  • This was wonderful detailed imparting of subject knowledge which will help me in handling the related technology in my office.

    Vaibhav Dawara
    Deutsche Bank
  • The trainer was having excellent knowledge of the technology. I didn't expect that I'd be getting such exposure. The trainer has a deep knowledge of the SCCM technology. Good decision to join the class.

    Sandip Randive
    Deutsche Bank
  • Nice training experience. You get video recording of your training sessions. Which may help you in future a lot.

    Santosh Biradar
  • It was excellent training. Among all batches also got come new daily using tricks as well as understand all lecture wonderful and Thanks for sharing recording for future study.

    Kunal Chopade
    Badve Engineering
  • Excellent Trainer. Trainer has absolute/total command over the subject. I must say the I met a best trainer in 15 years of career. My study requirements were very specific, I actually wanted something out of the box from these training. Being a Devops Engineer I had very little to do with Java. But the trainer stood up to the challenge and made the training fun loving and extremely knowledgeable to achieve my goal in both Java and as well as Python. She is a star and I very highly recommend her to any fresher, experienced or an entrepreneur etc.

    Likhesh Mahajan
    IBM Australia
  • The whole training session was good,it was full of knowledge. An interactive training session,which i enjoyed a lot and gained lot of knowledge from sangita Ma'am. Thanks ma'am for your guidance.

    Harpreet Kaur
    GNDU, Sultanpur Lodhi
  • The training experience was good. Course was taught very detailed way. Teaching was Excellent.

    Chinmay Karkhanis
    Fujitsu Consultant
  • It was an excellent and fun experience. Sangita Ma'am taught us a lot about the basics of Java. I am very thankful for these 17 days.

    Manav Singh
  • Training was very good & exceptional especially the training videos shared will be really useful. Manoj sir is very peasant while teaching & is always ready to go back & explain topic again if they were missed.

    Arvind Jadhav
  • Excellent, documentation also good.

    Mahesh Pathak
    European Commission, Ireland
  • Very well organized online training

    AT & T
  • It was an excellent session & pure knowledge transfer. Very easy to understand & the video provided after the training is very helpful. Completely based on practical knowledge which makes it easy to understand. I wish to always attend further course in Certification Guru whenever possible. No other choice to go for. Thanks Sir for your support & training.

    Marshal Joseph
    Saltex India
  • I have learn new technology & it is very important for my future life. This institute is best for the IT life.

    Nagesh Deshpande
    Mercedes Benz
  • I received good knowledge of windows server 2016.

    Pravin Mahajan
    VDA infosolutions
  • Course contents, PDF & Video recording system is excellent. Actually I only need to clear & upgrade my basic, else the overall training was excellent, nothing to say in negative ways.

    Akshay Gote
  • It is really good.. Trainer starts from zero(No need of of any basic)..Feeling satisfy after joining it..Response of trainer of any question get earlier..which make me satisfied and happy..after attending lecture no stress remains on mind because they share recorded lecture which help more during practice...i really suggest that people have to join on this..

  • It was really nice, Sangita was very good while explaining all concepts. I really liked the session, and I'm now confident that I know little about Java :)

    Syniverse Technologies
  • The training was very good. Sangita mam explained every topic in detail with good examples,also discussed about realtime scenarios. Mam answered any questions that would come up.Overall very good experience,would definitely recommend to friends.

    Anshu Asthana
    Pearson Vue