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  • The training was good. I understood the logic of all the programs taught in the class.

    Dilip Kumar
  • The knowledge of the manoj sir is nice. But for students like me it becomes little harder to understand some words. But sir clarified almost all of them. Thank you.....

    Paresh Zambare
    Engineering student
  • Training given was very good. Trainer was extremly co-operative.

    Chetan Patil
    Shri Gulabrao Deokar College of Engineering Jalgaon
  • This is very helpful training for Linux students.

    Khem Raj Rijal
    Euless, TX 76040, United States
  • Madam, is very friendly and excellently experienced. She understands nerve of very single student present in the class. Often and whenever I wanted to raise my hard and ask her doubt, she herself proclaims answers, clear doubts. She dose know what queries are about to be risen by students and on which line of code.

    Pravisha Prakash K.B.
    Savitribai Phule Women's Engineering
  • It is an excellent training by Manoj sir. The depth of his knowledge in the field is amazing. Manoj sir is very patient and clears any doubt or questions about the topic immediately during class and i am very happy that i am taking his class.

    Tom Mandapathil
    Farmington Hills, United States
  • This training is critical and help me better deploy Windows Servers environment, and multiple policies. It worth attending and sessions are excellent concise and to the point. Definatly recommend this to all interested in MCSE or working in system administration.

    Hameedullah Qasimi
    San Diego Tourism Authority, United States
  • Training course was very informative. I have got good knowledge and information on the topics covered during the sessions. I am looking forward to enroll new training courses conducted by Manoj Sir. Last but not least Manoj Sir have very good knowledge and command over the topics they have thought.

    Vijay Shinde
    Barclays Technology Center India
  • Sessions have been interactive and interesting. Looking forward to join new courses in future.

    Mithun Mohanty
  • Batches were conducting regularly without any gap. The language of teaching was good to understand it helps us to upgrade our knowledge & increase confidence about the technicians. I would like to join guru in future for learning new technologist.

    Sunil Thigle
    Innova Solutions Pvt Ltd, Pune India
  • Training was overall very good and also our trainer Mr. Manoj Mahajan was very rumble. Would join this academy for another course as well.

    Akash Jain
    CCE, Tata business support
  • It is good have training here. The trainer has very deep understanding about the concept and they can explain it very well in front the students. Thanks for sharing this tech knowledge

    Walthare Harshad P
    Pune India
  • Excellent training skills. Real time company based examples given, which is very good.

    Amit Chhabria
  • Very good experience in learning. excellent communication skill of teaching.sharing general/latest knowledge about IT Industries. Sharing best experience about IT industries.

    Nilesh Kadam
  • Training sessions are very good. I will happy to joined the certification guru classes also services are very good. Thanks for excellent trained and share the knowledge

    Gurabasu Irale
    Arya Risk Management System Pvt.Ltd
  • I have already completed 3 course here so I am happy with content of course trainer knowledge. I would prefer new course information sent to me regularly so that I can register for new suitable course. One of the great trainer of Pune India.

    Kanta Prasad
    Wipro, Pune India
  • Training was good, It was fun learning with professional trainer will dignitary reconnect for next course.

    Tilakraj Sapkal
    BPW Trailer Systems India Pvt. Ltd.
  • MCSA training given by sir, was excellent and easy to understand.

    Narayan Nair
    IT Officer
  • My training experience is excellent. Understand lot of server related basic things. clear my all server related issue

    Avinash Pawar
    DSM infotech PVT. LTD
  • The trainer have very good knowledge of subject & have good tact to teach

    Vishal Karande
    Capgemini India
  • Training was good and informative. Codes were explained totally and time was given for clearing the doubts.

    Padmakshi Penna
    Detroit, Michigan, U.S.A.
  • Overall experienced was very nice. The study material with has been provide by sir. It is very brief & understandable. At last I would like to say thank you so much for sharing your experience & knowledge with us.

    Pravin Patel
    J.P. Morgan, Montgomery, TX, United States
  • Overall, the training is good. The trainer has good command over English and the online class was good. No sluggish video and audio.

    Pradip Nepal
    Windows SME, CA, USA
  • Good quality training with practical examples and can always refer the recorded videos anytime.

    Nishit Devani
    Virbac, Mumbai
  • Honestly the training & trainer knowledge is so excellent & satisfied me. The notes which sir created are so perfect & brief & understandable. Everything knowledge , notes & conversation is clear & loud. No any things are hidden in it . Once I will complete RHCE exam. I would to go Linux Architect also from Certification Guru. I allready recommend to my colleagues. No words to explain this. Above excellent.

    Yogesh Mandlik
    Barclays Technology Center India
  • It was one of the best training experiences I've had. The session were very interactive. Attending your class Sir I realized that "Learning can be fun". The notes given shows that extra efforts are taken to prepare those. It is very intuitive and gives complete reference. Kudos! Thank You Sir!!!!!

    Kuldeep Thapa
    System Admin, TCS
  • This was excellent experience to learn Linux from Certification Guru. Training was useful for learning purpose as well as organization point of view. The practical knowledge of trainer is excellent and this will be very useful for me in future.

    Sachin Kadam
  • Training & knowledge is excellent given by trainer nice experience about Linux teaching. In future I would recommend to my friends for any course they want to join please go to Certification Guru.

    Ganesh Pacharne
  • This was my first experience in global Certification. I really enjoyed the training and hopefully have gained a lot from the trainer. I would really appreciate the hard work from the trainer, in preparation of notes and also to provide extra knowledge required to crack the interview. Overall, It's one of the best training,I have attended so far. Thanks for all the knowledge.

    Rupesh Pandey
  • Training Provided by the sir is completely worthy for the time & money we spend. Manoj sir's experience and knowledge helps us clear the concept in depth. Also to add, the facilities in classes are very well & efficient. Looking forward to do more courses and be in touch with Certification Guru trainers

    Swapnil Jangam
  • I had enjoyed training. Sir has given daily example And company example for own learning.

    Sandip Bhagwat
    Probity Soft pvt. ltd
  • It was very professional training & sir used always a real time example & it only happens in Certification Guru. A part from this sir helped me a lot to attend lectures as pee my flexible timing & date. due to my personal reason. Some very good things or course material (PDF) shared, lab facility, response too the students as per the question of student.

    Prashant Kamble
    Capgemini India
  • 1. Very excellent training provide by sir.
    2. sir is very co-operative and knowledge person.
    3. training up to market standard.
    4. very professional approach, which is very good.
    5. very punctual.
    6. very supportive during training & in lab also.
    7. In spite of Linux, sir provide the different field knowledge also.
    8. I will miss each moment of time spent with sir.
    9. Surly I will recommend in future.

    Shahnawaz A Khan
    IBM India Pvt. Ltd
  • Overall experienced was very nice. The study material with has been provide by sir. It is very brief & understandable. At last I would like to say thank you so much for sharing your experience & knowledge with us.

    Yogesh Vyas
    Pune India
  • Training session was very good. At the end of training basic concept got cleared.

    Sarika Jadhav
    TATA Technologies
  • It was very good training. IT refreshed my knowledge after long break. Madam has very good knowledge of subject & she trains very well with good & short examples of code.

    Shraddha Rote
    Tech Mahindra ltd.
  • Topics explained thoroughly, Learned a lot in OCA training. Thank You.

    Medha Batra
    Cognizant technology solution pvt. ltd
  • Training experience is excellent. The most important in this session is teaching. Teaching experience is excellent. I am so happy to part of this session. I have understand of learn about the working of server. I should implement in future when I should whole in company.

    Sanil Yelukar
    Endurance technologies pvt ltd
  • Dear Sir, I am fully satisfied with MCSE Server 2012 R2 course training and a lot lot of knowledge about it for the fresher level. Thank you Sir. And I will recommend to my brother to joined the course.

    Mahendra Shalke
  • It was very nice, I got lot off knowledge in this training. Trainer is having lot off knowledge in IT industry. That why, we got very nice knowledge & confidence in this training

    NAzeem Mulla
  • Hello Sir, I am fully satisfied with MCSE training. As a fresher in server I got enough knowledge. Practical training part is most important that is good. I really thank full to you sir.

    Pratap Tonde
  • It was very good experience in Certification Guru. Learned a lot out of course. I am very happy to have trainer like Manoj Sir.

    Deepachandra Vishwakarma
    Capgemini India
  • Manoj Sir, Given the best training & knowledge for windows MCSE 2012 R2 in Pune India. Very good Experience for MCSE 2012 course.

    Chandresh Pathak
    Ferrero India
  • Practical session is help me to lot of understand. Once I have join this course all of query about this course is complete.

    Sachin Zirange
    System Administrator, Pune India
  • 1) Training was very conceptual.
    2) Trainer knowledge is excellent.
    3) Tea service is good.

    Manohar Patil
    TATA Technologies
  • Overall experience is excellent. I think Certification Guru is only institute with 18 years experience trainer. I will recommend this institute to my friends. Thank you Sir.

    Sandeep Kamthe
  • The training was good learned a lot. Thank you Sir

    Mahesh Maske
  • It was a good experience to be with certification guru. For a very short time will definitely keep in touch and will happy to join any other courses to improve my knowledge and which will help me to grow i my carrier. Really thank you very much Manoj Sir. for delivering such a good training. Thank you so much.

    Shivaji Naikude
    Pune India
  • Mrs. Sangita is very knowledgeable trainer. Enjoyed and learnt a lot.

    Mani Duggal
    Australia, Consultant
  • I have never understood C# like i have with Sangita. She's is a good instructor. I will come back again for another training. Thank you for making it this easy.

    Josephine Chude
    DeltaAfrik Engineering Limited, Lagos, Nigeria
  • The trainer has the best approach i have seen in my years of trying to learn programming. Sangita is a very good trainer and she knows how to deliver her training. I will definitely come back for more training. Thanks to certification guru.

    Ovie Ekakitie
    DeltaAfrik Engineering Limited, Lagos, Nigeria
  • This course was extremely useful with Mr. Manoj Mahajon sir’s company. His inputs and teaching technique was excellent , where I had directly benefited a lot as a student and as well as an IT Personnel. This is definitely going to add value to my technical skills and expertise. Thanks!

    Murugavel Appavu
    IBM, Singapore
  • I am very happy with the inputs received,especially the hands on approach of the trainer.The trainer is willing to clarify the doubts with utmost patience.

    Srinivas Malladi
    IBM India
  • It was good codes that mam was giving every day to solve was best to practice.

    Rupal Chavan
    Gharda Institute of technology lavel, Student
  • IT was knowledge gaining experience to know about java and its concept. I earned lot about java basics. Thank you for helping me in java.

    Dhiwar Utkarsha
    I2IT, Student
  • Helped attain a commendable level of knowledge.

    Arrti Parve
    I2IT, Student
  • Overall it was good. Concept explained in details

    Kruthika Pillayt
    I2IT, Student
  • I gained a very good knowledge of java and learning was interesting.

    Devyani Gaikwad
    I2IT, Student
  • Training sessions were delivered in a way that initiated more interest in the technology. Basic explained in an organized manner.

    Medha Batra
    Cognizant technology
  • I feel very good by joining this course. I would like to join another course in future. & teaching is very good. Thank you so much!!!!

    Akanksha Patil
    M.S.Bidve Latur
  • This is really good training for every one. Trainer has good knowledge on the linux and administration.

    M Jayaprakash
  • I was initially a bit reluctant about the online instructor based training, but when the session started I felt like why I didn't join such classes in the past. It was excellent and especially the knowledge level of the Trainer is fabulous, the kind of experience he holds in conducting such classes is amazing.

    Jinu George
    BMC Software
  • I thought the training was extremely good and well presented. I especially liked the Notes.

    Rohidas Bagul
  • Learned some useful concepts. Explanation was clear and good response for the doubts.

    Avinash Kondabolu
    eBay, USA
  • Training was fantastic. Really enjoyed it. Thanks!

    ITC Secure, London
  • Excellent training got. Within limited time period very less doubt raised almost cleared all points difficult topics covered with giving best examples to remember. Will recommend to my coworker and managers.

    Abhishek Bankar
    Inautix Tech
  • Training was excellent. The trainer knowledge is vast information All the topics were covered with illustrative examples.Trainer also explained real - life examples/problem that we encounter while working in IT industry. Trainer also has good sense of humour and is very much approachable.

    Abhishek Jadhav
    TATA Consultancy Services
  • The teaching are good they are very satisfaction knowledge are to me

    Sagar Chaudhary
    Openview Technologies
  • At the teaching time all word are experience & genuine

    Nikhil Nagthanekar
    Modern college
  • It is good through all the sessions. Its satisfied

    Arati Rajput
    Cognizant technology solution pvt. ltd
  • Training session are really good & clear's all concept. Solves all query's at that time. Fully practice oriented all session its good part.

    Uttam Kolekar
    ZM Technology
  • All training sessions are helpful to upgrade my knowledge. And overall session are excellent. Thank you

    Santosh Jambhalkar
  • I am not that much eligible to give comment which one is already class 1 "Certification Guru".

    Aher Amit
  • Training was so good. Got good knowledge from course & also introduced needed websites.

    Nilesh Bhoire
    Cummins India
  • Nice training institute,Sir giving nice knowledge. Every small pointes realated to topics which is coverd by training.Simple language for learing. I want to joined the another courses in future.

    Nitin Daud
    Tech Mahindra bussiness services
  • Course was conducted on per then relevance of today's IT environment. Every topic was discussed and implemented through demo.

    Om Prakash
  • Excellent training and really very knowledgeable experience. I would definitely refer anyone from IT field to pursue the course from Certification Guru

    Mayur Vaidya
    Tilak Maharashtra Vidyapeeth
  • Have done CCNA previously .it of my fundamental's have been cleared by Manoj Sir, The teaching method by him is unique. Learned a lot in fun way will love to learn more from Certification Guru in future. Thanks Manoj Sir

    Devank Mali
    Mphasis Ltd
  • Well paced. Useful tips and troubleshooting demonstrated.

    Joshua D'Almeida
  • Excellent Training.The training was very effective for me

    Vikram Patil
    Data Cone
  • It was pretty good. Manoj sir explained the concepts nicely. As I belong to the very first online batch of Certification Guru, I will always remember this training and I hope we will also be remembered the same way :)

    Sandeep Chennoju
    Mphasis Ltd
  • I had doubt about the virtual classroom. But after completing 16 classes, I will simply say, its an Awesome Experiance.

    Debasish Das
    Payoda Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
  • Mr. Manoj Mahajan has good technical knowledge & classes interesting are to provide good knowledge to upcoming & experience Unix system administer.

    Vishal Badgujar
    Cognizant tech
  • Notes provided are very good. Trainer is well knowledge & trainer help us to solve problem.

    Sumit Baber
    Dr. A.B.Telang sr. college Nigdi
  • The training provide by sir was very excellent. Good supporting given. Also notes are very good. Course completed in time. Thank you.

    Deepak Pund
    Fujitsu Consulting India
  • Training sessions of weekend batch was very interesting & crispy. Have good understanding of red hat Linux 7 version. Thank you.

    Avinash Sanap
    Tech Mahindra ltd
  • Good training and very good lab set up for beginners and experience. A types of queries were resolved by trainer. Last but not least red hat exam are conducted over training institute. A big token of thanks of Mr. Manoj Mahajan.

    Md.Rayees Ahmad
    Infosys Ltd
  • Mr. Manoj has a sound knowledge on the subject keep up the good work & the notes that he shares are very easy to understand. Keep up the good work...!!!!

    Vishal Panikar
    Tech Mahindra ltd
  • Good training provided lot of practical knowledge, which helps in solving the issues in working/production environment.

    Hrushikesh Desai
  • Training taken at certification guru is good & with a constant maintained pace. Linux fobia is now over.

    Kamlesh Loat
    Indira College Of Engg& Mgmt
  • Most of syllabus completed. Syllabus and class covered in defined timing. Extra class notes provided are very helpful. Lab is nicely created for practicing trainer is well qualified & knowledge which solve our all problems comes in practicing.

    Amar Lukade
    TATA Consultancy Services
  • Each and every concept is taught very well. Ma'am is approachable and help full. Helped to learn each concept very well.

    Nidhi Pillai
  • It was an awesome experience learned a lot from this course. This training will certainly help me in gaining good marks in my exams.

    Sawrabh Nair
  • This was a very good course program and has helped me strength my knowledge on java. Thank you mam.

    Swapna Nair
    Dr. D. Y. Patil Inst. of Engg.
  • "Very good experience. Thank you.....mam"

    Dave Akshay Shirish
    Dr. D. Y. Patil Inst. of Engg.
  • Training is good as per experience also computation of course is done given time. Thank you.

    Ravindra Zarekar
    Pimpri Chinchwad College of Engineering, Pune India
  • Teaching method is excellent. First time i have started to learn java language in certification guru. Our teacher Sangita mam is well experienced language trainer & her teaching method is very good that it is easy to understand each & every concept easily. She guides very well. Thank you

    Dhanashri Redekar
    College of comp. sci. Wakad, Pune India.
  • Awesome experience ...!!!! Prof Sangita Mahajan ma'am is superb. Concepts taught very easy to understand. Training conducted in a very well - schedule manner with proper and time given to students to think over our doubts. Practical conducted was also very useful.

    Aishwarya Nair
    Indira College Of Engg & Mgmt
  • Mam is very excellent trainer in teaching. The Main purpose was understanding the concepts and implementing it in our lab practical so that are increase our programming skills. Also,mam is a friendly person with students are all enjoy for method of teaching and too gain advance of knowledge.

    Aaqib Farooq Ahmad
    Rambhau Lingade Polytechnic Buldhana
  • Trainer hare excellence knowledge about the technical concept. Fix training days & practical days schedule due to this we can manage some time personal work. Machine configurations are excellent for practice.

    Dnyaneshwar Kamjale
    Enpro Industries Pvt. Ltd.
  • Trainer continuation ( Single trainer) is the main point of cert that students feel happy to continue. Owner is trainer & trainer is owner at cert guru. Never seen before for IT Professional. this is good for care students knowledge. Class climate & atmosphere is clean & very nice.

    Shripad Mehrunkar
    Saptashati metatech pvt ltd
  • I got best knowledge in this institute, here every basic thing fulfilled related course syllabus. I got best lab for knowledge provided by sir.

    Manish Balapure
    Siddhi Computers
  • Training experience is excellent.

    Amit Gondkar
    Matrix Business Machines pvt. ltd
  • Excellent in training. Best scheduled for theory & practical for training.

    Anil Patil
    D.Y.Patil University
  • Session were very good informative. They were interactive and fun to attend. All topics we covered very nicely and all doubts are cleared.

    Dilip Purohit
    Wipro Technologies
  • Overall training experience is good. All the practical and theoretical concept are cleared by the trainer in detail. I would like to join the future IT admin course conducted by the same trainer.

    Gourav Abrol
  • I always get excellent knowledge. this institute is really guru for my certifications.

    Prashant Sangawar
    System Administrator
  • "It was excellent experience to having SCCM expert trainer Mr.Manoj Sir. I got all basic & expert level knowledge about SCCM 2012. Very Happy.......!!! Looking forward for SCCM cloud part......"

    Dnyandev Najan
    MAHLE Behr India Ltd
  • Teaching method is very well, easily understood all methods. This is my second course in certification guru, the overall training was good.

    Deepak Waje
    Customer Support Engg
  • Thank you for providing this training, will try to join SCOM batch as early.

    Sachin Dhaybar
  • Trainer is having good knowledge of SCCM 2012. I got more knowledge more than expected and i am very thankful. I have Put efforts at my workplace and got good feedback from on side team.

    Vaibhav Yadav
    MAHLE Behr India Ltd
  • Had a good learning experience. IT will be good for working IT Professional to join the weekend batch.

    Ajinkya Malthane
  • Good theoretical & practical knowledge. Shared knowledge base info apart from course.

    Omakar Upase
    Igate Global Solution
  • Very good sessions, which we have attended.

    Abdul Haq Khadar
    Igate Global Solution
  • Training was good. We have already completed MCSA training here so no doubt about training & knowledge. Overall its very good. I am happy with this.

    Amol Jaiswal
    Schmersal India Pvt Ltd
  • Thanks for conducting SCCM 2012 R2 classroom training. The knowledge of Manoj sir on windows is excellent. I would recommend to carry on classroom training on SCCM 2012 R2 in future.

    Chetan Kulkarni
    Igate Global Solution