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Duration: 4 hrs
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Best Windows Server Essentials training in Pune IndiaThis course will introduce and teach the basic concepts and components of the Linux operating system. This course will help you to make a career in Linux systems administration and will help you to expand your IT knowledge.

Your trainer, Manoj will show you, how to download install and use Rocky Linux, Ubuntu Linux and Mint Linux. He will also explain the basics of distributions, download, installation, configuration and use of Linux in daily use.
By the end of this course, you will have learned and been exposed to use the Linux as an operating system in your daily activities. No previous Linux experience is required.

Who can attend this course?

Syllabus covered:

We are covering following topics in this training course:
Sr. Details
1 Introduction to Linux
  • What is Free Software, GPL?
  • The Open Source Philosophy and Open-Source Licensing
  • Differences between Windows, OS X, and Linux
  • Understanding Linux Distributions
  • Understanding major Open-Source Applications for desktops and servers
  • Downloading latest version of the Linux
  • Installing Linux in an Virtual machine
  • Login process and Desktop Environments
2 Linux in daily work
  • Configuring basic Linux settings
  • Getting to the Command Line
  • Using basic BASH commands
  • Using Office application for daily work
  • Managing network and Internet access
  • Updating Linux packages
  • Industry Uses of Linux, Cloud Computing, and Virtualization
  • Understanding Linux career opportunities

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