C# .NET programming

Get the solid foundation in the C# programming language in an instructor-led online or 1 to 1 training in Pune India

Duration: 30 hrs
Delivery: Instructor-led Shared, 1 to 1 or offline 
Shared batch: ₹8500 ($155 USD)
1 to 1:  ₹25500 ($465 USD)
Offline Study-kit: ₹8500 ($155 USD)
Best C# .NET training in Pune IndiaThis course provides a solid foundation in the C# programming language, and covering the fundamental skills that are required to design and develop object-oriented applications for the Web and Microsoft Windows by using Microsoft Visual C# .NET and the Microsoft Visual Studio .NET development environment.

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C# language is the prerequisite knowledge necessary to begin learning to build ASP.NET and Windows applications using C#.


    • This class is intended for developers with little or no experience with C# or .NET.
    • Previous experience with OO languages (Java / C++) is helpful but not mandatory.
    • Students should be comfortable working with the Windows operating system.
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This course covers following topics:
  1. .NET Framework Architecture
  2. Event Driven Programming
  3. .NET Development Environment
  4. Mastering the language
  5. Console Application development
  6. Using Structs
  7. Windows Forms Application development
  8. Delegates and events
  9. Lambda expressions
  10. Using Attributes
  11. Properties
  12. Implementing and using indexers
  13. Managing .NET modules and assemblies
  14. Create and configure menus
  15. Object Oriented Programming Concepts
  16. Namespaces
  1. Inheritance and Polymorphism
  2. Exception Handling
  3. Collections framework (generic & non generic)
  4. Debugging
  5. File Handling and Serialization
  6. Multithreading
  7. Using Dialogs
  8. MDI Applications
  9. ADO.NET Disconnected
  10. ADO.NET Connected
  11. Data Binding
  12. LINQ queries
  13. Implementing printing functionality
  14. Crystal Reports
  15. WPF
  16. Deployment
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