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Understand Desktop and Enterprise Virtualization in an Instructor-led classroom and online mode

Duration: 4 hrs
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Best Virtualization Essentials training in Pune IndiaWelcome to world of "OS Virtualization"!
In this training, your trainer, Manoj will cover desktop and server virtualization concepts. We start the session from basic questions, what is virtualization, type of virtualization and will discuss different products available in market for your Operating System.

You don't need any previous virtualization experience.

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Syllabus covered:

Sr. Details
1 Introduction to Virtualization
  • What is Virtualization?
  • Why it is important?
  • Types of Virtualization
  • An overiew of different virtualization products available in market
  • Download and Installation of free virtualization products: VirtualBox, VMware Player, VMware Workstation, etc.
2 Managing Virtual Machine
  • Creating VM's
  • Installation of Windows OS
  • Installing VM Tools or additions/Extension Pack
  • Managing VM's
  • Snapshotting and reverting the VM's

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