Current Microsoft exam offers

Save your money and/or get 2nd attempt offer in Pune India

Exam Replay offer: Certification Exam with one retake

Exam Replay includes one voucher for an initial exam and one retake of the same exam. Exam Replay with Practice Test includes one exam voucher, one retake, and a Microsoft Official Practice Test. Exam Replay exam vouchers expire twelve (12) months from the date of purchase

  • The current US price without exam offer is USD $165 . For India the exam price will be Rs. 4800 + 18% GST per exam without exam offer.
  • For Exam Replay offer: Indian students need to pay approx ($80 + 18% GST = $95, In Rs. 6700 approx) for 1 exam + 1 retake of the same exam if required.

Exam Replay with Practice Test

Exam Replay with Practice Test is an exam voucher that includes up to two retakes of the same exam and a separate voucher for a Microsoft Official Practice Test.
  • 1 Microsoft Certification exam voucher + 1 retake, if necessary + Microsoft Official Practice Test (30-day online access for the test), powered by MeasureUp:
  • For US students the price will be USD $265 (For Indian students $80 + 18% GST= $106, INR. 7500 approx). You will receive online access to practice test for 30 days following activation using the emailed activation code.

  • The Voucher code will get emailed to you within 2 days, after payment from the same site. Use that code for registering your 1st attempt and in case, if required for 2nd attempt also.
  • "Exam Replays" are available worldwide and you can purchase as many Exam Replays as you wish. All vouchers must be used within twelve (12) months from the date of purchase.
  • Exam Replay is valid for all Microsoft Certification exams except Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) exams, Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) exams, Transition Exams, Fundamentals exams, and beta exams.
  • You will receive 2 separate emails for these vouchers, 1 for exam replay and another for practice test. Please read the instructions carefully, given in the emails. You will have voucher registration link and process explained in that email it self. Don't carry this voucher to exam center. Register online using the links shared in each email.
  • We are, "Certification Guru", not affiliated with Microsoft or mindhub or PearsonVue by any means. We are publishing this information just to help you. Please contact above website, where you purchase the voucher ( for any support. Best of luck :)