Programming essentials webinar

Learn Computer programming fundamentals

Do you want to start a career in Computer as a software developer, but don't know where to begin? If so, this course can help you to understand the basics of programming.
Best Programming basics training in Pune Pimpri Chinchwad Your trainer, Sangita explains you the various terms and terminologies, and helps you get ready for learning either Java or .NET programming.
This course ensures that you should get the basic programming skills and understand the software development environment at an entry level. No previous IT experience is required.

Who can attend this course?

  • Freshers who are looking for opportunities in software development
  • IT developers with technical or non-technical job roles
  • Graduates with basic knowledge in computer
  • Who want learn Core Java or C# .NET, training and make career in software industry.

Syllabus covered:

  • What is programming.
  • Algorithm
  • Flow chart
  • What are identifiers , keywords , constants , literals etc.
  • Data types.
  • Simple Java code using eclipse.
  • Understand compilation process and launching the application.
  • Simple Java code using notepad.
  • Using command prompt for simple commands.
  • Introduction to decision making and loops.

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