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Learn Windows Server administration using PowerShell in Pune India

Best PowerShell Administration training in Pune India. title= PowerShell has transformed the management of complex, network-based Windows infrastructure and, increasingly, non-Windows and cloud infrastructures. Knowledge of PowerShell and how to get the most from PowerShell is now obligatory for any IT professional.

This course will help you use the PowerShell 7.2 in various scenarios using many of the rich set of features included in Windows Server 2022

Starting with installing PowerShell to configuring AD, Networking roles such as DNS, DHCP, File server and other roles including day to day activities will get covered.


  • Some experience in Windows server management
  • Active directory and Windows Networking server roles
  • Recommended prerequisite: Mastering Windows Server 2022.


Please check the syllabus tab above.
This PowerShell Automation course covers following topics:

Sr. Details
1 Installing and Configuring PowerShell 7
  • Installing PowerShell 7
  • Installing PowerShell 7 Using Chocolatey
  • Using the PowerShell 7 Console
  • Building PowerShell 7 Profile Files
  • Exploring Installation Artifacts
  • Installing VS Code
  • Installing the Cascadia Code Font
  • Exploring PSReadLine
2 Managing PowerShell 7 in the Enterprise
  • Utilizing Windows PowerShell Compatibility
  • Installing RSAT
  • Exploring Package Management
  • Exploring PowerShellGet and the PS Gallery
  • Creating and Using a Local PowerShell Repository
  • Establishing a Script Signing Environment
  • Working With Shortcuts and the PSShortCut Module
  • Working With Archive Files
  • Searching for Files Using the Everything Search Tool
3 Managing Active Directory
  • Installing a Forest Root Domain
  • Testing an AD Installation
  • Installing a Replica Domain Controller
  • Installing a Child Domain
  • Creating and Managing AD Users and Groups
  • Managing AD Computers
  • Adding/Removing Users Using a CSV Files
  • Creating Group Policy Objects
  • Reporting on AD Computers
  • Reporting on AD Users
  • Managing AD Replication
4 Managing Networking
  • Configuring IP Addressing
  • Testing Network Connectivity
  • Installing DHCP
  • Using DHCP
  • Configuring DHCP Scopes and Options
  • Implementing DHCP Fail Over/Load Balancing
  • Configuring a DHCP Reservation
  • Implementing DNS in the Enterprise
  • Configuring DNS Forwarding
  • Managing DNS Zones and Resource Records
5 Implementing Security
  • Examining Applications and Services Logs
  • Discovering Logon Events in the Event Log
  • Deploying PowerShell Group Policies
  • Using PowerShell Script Block Logging
  • Configuring AD Password Policies
  • Managing Windows Defender Antivirus
6 Managing Storage
  • Managing Disks
  • Managing File Systems
  • Exploring PowerShell Providers and the FileSystem Provider
  • Managing Storage Replica
  • Deploying Storage Spaces
7 Managing Shared Data
  • Managing NTFS File and Folder Permissions
  • Securing Your SMB File Server
  • Creating and Securing SMB Shares
  • Accessing SMB Shares
  • Creating an iSCSI Target
  • Using an iSCSI Target
  • Implementing FSRM Filestore Quotas
  • Implementing FSRM Filestore reporting
  • Implementing FSRM Filestore Screening
8 Managing Printing
  • Installing and Sharing Printers
  • Publishing a Printer to Active Directory
  • Changing the Spooler Directory
  • Changing Printer Drivers
  • Printing a Test Page
  • Managing Printer Security
  • Creating a Printer Pool
9 Managing Windows Server with Window Management Instrumentation (WMI)
  • Exploring WMI Architecture in Windows
  • Exploring WMI Namespaces
  • Exploring WMI Classes
  • Obtaining WMI Class Instances
  • Using WMI Methods
  • Using WMI Events
  • Implementing Permanent WMI Eventing
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