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Google Cloud Platform (GCP)is a suite of public cloud computing services offered by Google. This training make you ready for the Google Cloud Certified: Associate Cloud Engineer global certification exam conducted by Google.

Best Google cloud training in Pune, Pimpri Chinchwad Your trainer, Manoj will run this course practically, shows lot of demos and will cover hands-on labs also. You will perform all the labs on real Google Cloud account, which is FREE for 12 months and includes $300 credit credit to get started with any GCP product.

Intended Audience:

  • Developers, Architects, Operational, Managers, Business Analyst, Business Administration graduate and CIO's
  • Curious about GCP, how it’s built, and what it offers
  • Interested to get an efficient crash course on GCP to kick-start learning
  • Want to learn more about the broad suite of GCP services
  • May be experienced with Azure, AWS, or not

Expected Outcomes:

  • Learn the general principles of GCP
  • Gain a basic understanding of GCP architecture
  • Gain an understanding of key GCP services and their features at a high level

Course Outline:

Sr. Details
1 Cloud Computing Concepts
  • What is a Cloud?
  • Types of Cloud Services: IaaS, PaaS, SaaS
  • Understanding Private Cloud and Public Cloud
2 Getting Started with Google Cloud Platform
  • Getting FREE GCP account
  • List the methods of interacting with Google Cloud Platform
  • Demo: Login and accessing GCP Portal
  • Demo: Understanding Google cloud billing
  • Work with locations and projects
  • Demo: Creating and deleting projects
  • Working with management interfaces (e.g., Cloud Console, Cloud Shell, Cloud SDK)
  • Lab: Creating a FREE GCP account (You can skip this lab, if you already have GCP subscription)
  • Lab: Navigate to GCP console
3 An overview of GCP Services
  • Understanding Google cloud services
  • Compute services: Compute Engine, App Engine, Kubernetes Engine, Cloud Functions
  • Storage & Databases services: Cloud Storage, Cloud SQL, Cloud Bigtable, Cloud Spanner, Cloud Datastore
  • Identity & Security: Cloud Identity, Cloud IAM, Cloud Identity-Aware Proxy, Security Key Enforcement
  • Networking: Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), Cloud Load Balancing, Cloud CDN, Cloud Interconnect, Cloud DNS
  • Demo: Browsing Google cloud services offerings
  • Lab: Browsing Google cloud services offerings
4 Understanding Google Compute Engine (IaaS)
  • Identify the purpose of Google Compute Engine
  • Compute Engine Overview
  • Basic Instance Management
  • Instance Options
  • Demo: Creating a Windows/Linux instance
  • Connecting to an instance
  • Editing Instance Specifications
  • Creating, Editing, and Manipulating Disks
  • Snapshots and Images
  • Demo: Open ports in Network Security Group (NSG)
  • Lab: Create an instance
  • Lab: Finding details and login to an instance
  • Lab: Stopping and removing instance
5 Managing Identity and Access Management (IAM)
  • Viewing account IAM assignments
  • Assigning IAM roles to accounts or Google Groups
  • Understanding service accounts
  • Demo: IAM accounts, roles and service accounts
  • Lab: Managing IAM accounts and roles
6 Google Cloud Storage and database services
  • Google Cloud Storage Options
  • An overview of Database Options
  • Understanding Cloud Storage
  • Understanding Cloud SQL
  • Demo: Using Cloud Storage
  • Demo: Using Cloud SQL
  • Lab: Implementing Cloud Storage
  • Lab: Browsing Cloud SQL options
7 Google Cloud networking
  • Networking Overview
  • Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)
  • Understanding IP Addressing and Firewall Rules
  • Demo: Creating a VPC with subnets
  • Demo: Launching a Compute Engine instance with custom network configuration
  • Demo: Creating ingress and egress firewall rules for a VPC
  • Lab: Creating a VPC with subnets
  • Lab: Launching a Compute Engine instance with custom network configuration
  • Lab: Creating ingress and egress firewall rules for a VPC
8 Other Google Cloud service offerings
  • Understanding Google Container Engine
  • Kubernetes Engine
  • Google App Engine
  • Lab:Understanding Google Container services
This Google cloud training course will make you exam-ready for the global certification "Google Cloud Certified: Associate Cloud Engineer" exam. After completing this training, you can appear for :

Exam details for Google Cloud Certified: Associate Cloud Engineer:

  • Pricing: $125 USD
  • Time: 2 hours
  • Available at: Kryterion Testing Centers
  • Question types: There are two types of questions on the examination
    • Multiple choice: Has one correct response and three incorrect responses
    • Multiple select: Has two or more correct responses out of given options

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