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Microsoft Exam offer

Exam Replay offer from Microsoft:: 2nd attempt free!

A Microsoft Exam Replay is an exam voucher combined with one retake of the same exam. You need to purchase the exam voucher online from Microsoft Voucher website!

  • The current US price without exam offer is $165. For India price will be Rs. 4800 per exam.
  • For 2nd attempt offer: Indian students need to approx ($80 + GST = $95, INR. 6200 approx) for 1 exam + retake if failed in 1st attempt.
  • Exam Replay with Practice Test (1 Microsoft Certification exam voucher + retake, if necessary + Microsoft Official Practice Test, powered by MeasureUp) offer is also available at additional cost (For US students, $265.00. For Indian students $90 + GST= $106, INR. 6900 approx). You will receive online access to practice test for 30 days following activation using the emailed activation code.

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The Voucher code will get emailed after payment from the same site. You need to use that for 1st attempt and in case, if required for 2nd attempt of the same exam.

"Exam Replays" are available worldwide and you can purchase as many Exam Replays as you wish. All exam vouchers expire one (1) year from the date of purchase. You must schedule and take the MCP exam (including the retake) within one year of purchase. Exam Replay vouchers are valid for 70-, 74-, and MBx exams only.

Please contact above website, where you purchase the voucher ( for any support. Best of luck :)

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Red Hat Exam Scheme - Q1FY19 (valid till 28th May 2018)

Scheme No.1 - Red Hat Expert: Offer for RHCSA + RHCE

  • Any 1st attempt of RHCSA(EX200) or RHCE (EX300) in Rs. 15000 + 18% GST.
  • Any single attempt exam (EX200 or EX300 ) in Q1FY19 (1st March 2018 to 28th May 2018) will have the 2nd attempt fee Rs.7500 + 18% GST .
  • If a candidate is done both EX200 + EX300 and failed in any exam or both exam, then the 2nd attempt in Rs. 5000 + 18% GST per exam.
  • All 2nd attempt candidates must attempt 2nd exams within subsequent quarter.
  • Red Hat Swag/goodies is available to candidates attempting minimum two first attempt exams.
  • There is no multiple reattempts for the first attempts done w.e.f 1st March 2018. You will get only 2nd attempt exam fee offer as per Q1FY19 exam scheme. The third attempt will consider as first attempt by Red Hat and first attempt exam fee is applicable.

Scheme No.2 - Red Hat Specialist

  • The first attempt fee of any COE exam will be Rs.15000 + 18% GST
  • The 2nd attempt fee of any COE exam will be Rs.7500 +1 8% GST.

Scheme No.3 - Upgrade your Status

  • The first attempt fee of any upgrade exam will be Rs.7500 + 18% GST
  • The 2nd attempt fee of any upgrade exam will be Rs.7500 + 18% GST

Scheme No.4 - RHA Exam

  • The first attempt fee of any RHA exam will be Rs.7500 + 18% GST
  • The 2nd attempt fee of any RHA exam will be Rs.5000 + 18% GST

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Microsoft and Red Hat exam offers in India.
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