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Microsoft Exam offer

Exam Replay offer from Microsoft:: 2nd attempt free!

A Microsoft Exam Replay is an exam voucher combined with one retake of the same exam. Exam Replays are available for purchase beginning October 24, 2016. You need to purchase the exam voucher online from Microsoft Voucher website!

  • The current US price without exam offer is $165. For India price will be Rs. 4800 per exam.
  • For 2nd attempt free offer: Indian students need to Pay Rs. 5450 approx ($80) for 1 exam + retake if failed in 1st attempt.

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The Voucher code will get emailed after payment from the same site. You need to use that for 1st attempt and in case, if required for 2nd attempt of the same exam.

"Exam Replays" are available worldwide and you can purchase as many Exam Replays as you wish.

Please contact above website, where you purchase the voucher ( for any support. Best of luck :)

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Red Hat "Towards RHCA" - valid till 28th Feb.

Offer valid for RHCSA + RHCE and next exams.

  • Any 1st attempt: in Rs. 15000 + GST and 2nd exam in Rs. 14000 + GST, 3rd exam in Rs. 13000 + GST and so on.
  • The Rs.1000/- discount is applicable for next exam only if the you cleared your previous exam.
  • 2nd or any attempt in Rs. 2500 + GST per exam if the first attempt taken between 1st Dec and 15th Jan.
  • 2nd or any attempt in Rs. 5000 + GST per exam if the first attempt taken between 15th Jan and 28th Feb.
  • So any single exam candidates also will have 2nd or many reattempt as mentioned above.
  • The candidates who have certification status non current, can upgrade to current by paying Rs. 7500 plus GST and enroll this "Towards RHCA" scheme.

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Microsoft and Red Hat exam offers in India.
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