Azure Architect: AZ-301

Microsoft Azure Architect Design training

Microsoft Certified Expert training This training covers the advanced topics that a Solutions Architect will need to know to use Microsoft Azure as their cloud platform for a project. You’ll learn to determine workload requirements, design for identity, security, data, business continuity, deployment, migration, integration, and how to design an infrastructure strategy.

Microsoft Azure Solutions Architect trainingThis course is covering the new exam AZ-301 objectives. Passing this exam AZ-301 (Microsoft Azure Architect Design) and Exam AZ-300 (Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies) earns you credit toward Azure Solutions Architect Expert certification.


Expected Outcomes:

  • For everyone who want to learn the Microsoft Azure Architect Design.
  • Want to pass the Microsoft exam "AZ-301: Microsoft Azure Architect Design" exam.

Course content and exam details:

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Course Outline:

  • Determine Workload Requirements
    • Gather Information and Requirements
    • Optimize Consumption Strategy
    • Design an Auditing and Monitoring Strategy
  • Design for Identity and Security
    • Design Identity Management
    • Design Authentication
    • Design Authorization
    • Design for Risk Prevention for Identity
    • Design a Monitoring Strategy for Identity and Security
  • Design a Data Platform Solution
    • Design a Data Management Strategy
    • Design a Data Protection Strategy
    • Design and Document Data Flows
    • Design a Monitoring Strategy for the Data Platform
  • Design a Business Continuity Strategy
    • Design a Site Recovery Strategy
    • Design for High Availability
    • Design a disaster recovery strategy for individual workloads
    • Design a Data Archiving Strategy
  • Design for Deployment, Migration, and Integration
    • Design Deployments
    • Design Migrations
    • Design an API Integration Strategy
  • Design an Infrastructure Strategy
    • Design a Storage Strategy
    • Design a Compute Strategy
    • Design a Networking Strategy
    • Design a Monitoring Strategy for Infrastructure

Exam details:

Microsoft Azure AZ-301 training Part of requirements for: Azure Solutions Architect. After completing this training, you can appear the "Microsoft Azure Architect Design" exam AZ-301, To get Azure Solutions Architect certification you need to pass this exam and another exam AZ-300 (Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies).
  • All Microsoft exams are online and available at Pearson VUE exam centers.
  • Exam pricing in $165 USD per exam. In India current Microsoft exam fee is Rs. 4800 per exam. Worldwide it may vary.
  • Total exam is of 1000 marks and you need to earn 700 marks to pass the exam.
  • You will get 45 to 55 questions in an approximate 2-2½ hours of duration and may change per exam basis.
  • Exam formats and question types: Mostly single or multiple choice, drag and drop, repeated answer choices, etc.
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