Azure Administrator: AZ-101

Microsoft Azure Integration and Security

​Microsoft has recently released the new Azure Administrator Certification which now requires you to pass the AZ-100 and AZ-101 exams.

After completion of AZ-100 training, welcome to AZ-101 "Microsoft Azure Integration and Security" training course, that will help you continue your journey to Azure certification.

Microsoft Azure AZ-101 training

This course is covering the new exam AZ-101 objectives. Passing this exam AZ-101 (Microsoft Azure Integration and Security) and Exam AZ-100 (Microsoft Azure Infrastructure and Deployment) earns you credit toward Azure Administrator certification.


  • Basic OS (Windows/Linux) Background
  • Basic Networking Knowledge
  • Azure Trial from Microsoft or Paid Subscription
  • Azure AZ-100 or equivalent knowledge
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Expected Outcomes:

  • For everyone who want to learn the Microsoft Azure cloud.
  • Want to pass the Microsoft exam "AZ-101: Microsoft Azure Integration and Security" exam.

Course content and exam details:

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Lab/Practicals setup:

Lab setup
  • Your trainer will guide you in configuring the lab and required softwares on your device.
  • This is important for you to perform all labs/practicals at your own time and as many time as you want.
  • In classroom, you can bring your own laptop for this setup and performing labs. Online/remote students will get remote support from the trainer. No worries.
  • Regular batch students can do practicals either 2 hours before the session starts or at the end of daily session (as per lab availability).
  • For weekend batch, you can perform your labs at your own time after or before your session.
Lab requirement
    Any OS, Windows/Mac or Linux
    1. Download Google Chrome or FireFox: Download Google Chrome from here or Download Firefox
    2. Create an Azure account - You will get Rs. 13000 (or $200 USD) credit to explore any Azure service for 30 days and many services free for next 12 months. You need to provide credit card information to verify your identity. Your all services will get disabled and your credit card will not get charged in 30 days. Register here .
For online/remote students, for remote support, download and install Teamviewer: Download it from here

Course Outline:

  • Managing Azure Active Directory
    • Overview of Cloud Migration
    • Azure Migrate: The Process
  • Azure Site Recovery
    • Overview of ASR
    • Preparing the Infrastructure
    • Completing the Migration Process
  • Additional Migration Scenarios
    • VMWare Migration
    • System Center VMM Migration
  • Introducing the Azure App Service Platform
    • Introducing Azure App Service
    • App Service Environments
  • Managing and Securing Web Apps
    • Deploying Web Apps
    • Managing Web Apps
    • App Service Security
  • Scaling and Performance
    • Scale Up and Scale Out
    • Autoscale and Grow out
    • Optimizing Bandwidth and Web Traffic
  • Deploying Serverless Computing Solutions
    • Serverless Computing Concepts
    • Managing Azure Functions
    • Managing Event Grid
    • Managing Service Bus
    • Managing Logic App
  • Distributing Network Traffic
    • Overview of Network Traffic Distribution Options
    • Azure Load Balancer
    • Azure Traffic Manager
    • Azure Application Gateway
  • Site Connectivity
    • Site-to-Site VPN Connections
    • ExpressRoute
  • Monitoring and Troubleshooting Network Connectivity
    • Introducing Network Watcher
    • Implementing Network Watcher
    • Network Troubleshooting Examples
  • Introduction to Identity Protection in Azure
    • Role-Based Access Control
    • Azure Active Directory (Refresher)
    • Protecting Privileged Access in the Environment
  • Using Multi-Factor Authentication for Secure Access
    • Introducing Multi-Factor Authentication
    • Implementing MFA
  • Azure AD Privileged Identity Management
    • Getting Started with PIM
    • PIM Security Wizard
    • PIM for Directory Roles
    • PIM for Role Resources

Exam details:

  • All Microsoft exams are online and available at Pearson VUE exam centers.
  • Exam pricing in $165 USD per exam. In India current Microsoft exam fee is Rs. 4800/- per exam. Worldwide it may vary.
  • Total exam is of 1000 marks and you need to earn 700 marks to pass the exam.
  • You will get 45 to 55 questions in an approximate 2-2½ hours of duration and may change per exam basis.
  • Exam formats and question types: Mostly single or multiple choice, drag and drop, repeated answer choices, etc.
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